Design is a vital element in the success of any drinks brand and we aim to recognise the best in the industry. 
Delivering the right mix of appeal, cues, imagery and information on the label and associated packaging has become increasingly important in a crowded marketplace, with consumers as demanding as they have ever been in terms of wanting products that speak to them about their lifestyle choices and reaffirm their values.
Moreover, for those who make it their business to buy and sell wines and spirits, the allure or otherwise of design and packaging can make the difference between a painstakingly crafted product sitting on the shelf or back bar and making it to its intended destination, being enjoyed by the consumer. 
If you have a drinks brand or are a design agency representing a great product, why not enter today? Harpers Design Awards are open for entries from all areas of the drinks industry with established designs, recent launches, or redesigns all welcome. 

Individual product

A solo product being entered to be judged individually on its own merits.

VAT is only charged to UK based companies.

This category is now closed

Product Range

A portfolio of products where the design and packaging have been deliberately co-ordinated to be sold as a range of products. Solo products cannot be entered together as a group.

VAT is only charged to UK based companies.

This category is now closed


Entries will be accepted until 15th September 2023.
Samples must be delivered by 25th September 2023.
There is no limit to how many categories you can enter.

The cost for entering is:
Single entry: 
2 - 4 entries: 
5 or more entries: 
(+ VAT for UK companies)
(+ VAT for UK companies)

(+ VAT for UK companies)